Newsletter by the Stockholm Region Office in St. Petersburg Issue 97 2008, week 27

Northwest Russia: Facts and Events 

Russian Participants at the Scandinavian Technical Fair 2008

North-West Business Development Centre "Nordica" and Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry started to collect applications for participating in business mission to Scandinavian Technical Fair 2008 that will take part in Stockholm on 21-24 October. The fair is included in the list of high-priority trade fairs for 2006-2008 approved by the St. Petersburg Government on 21 November 2005. During the trip a visit to the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Sweden will take place. Business Development Centre "Nordica" became official partner of the “Robot technical Congress” at “Stockholm International Fairs” in 2002. Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry organises such a trip for the second time. Number of participants is not limited.

Source: Delovoj Petersburg newspaper, June 2008

The IV Practical conference and exhibition Banks and Business of the Northwest Russia: Development Ways On 25 September the IV Practical conference and exhibition Banks and Business of the Northwest Russia: Development Ways will take place. The organizes of the event are the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg Government, Government of the Leningrad Region, Plenipotentiary Representation of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwest Russia, the Bank of Russia Head Department in St. Petersburg, Union of St. Petersburg Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Participants are Savings Bank of Russian Federation and VTB bank. Main goals are to define new opportunities and ways of increasing bank’s role in real economy sector in the region. Organizers would also like to present practical experience of the effective bank managing and organization of the real estate and plant facilities financing.

Source: Northwest Association of Banks,

The Second International Forum of city planning and architecture ADIALOG

On 10 -13 September 2008 the Second International Forum of city-planning and architecture ADIALOG will take place in St. Petersburg. The aim of the Forum is supporting of innovative development of architecture, construction and city-planning with participation of representatives of professional community. The organizers among which are ARTINDEX Publishing-Exhibition Center, ITE Group and Primexpo at support of the Committee for City planning and Architecture, Committee for Investments and Strategic Projects, St. Petersburg Guild of Architects and Association of Architectural Workshops want to create the open independent information space for architectural and design projecting development tendencies investigation, accumulations of the information on the modern domestic, foreign workshops and authors activity by means of discussion of actual problems of modern architecture and construction, viewing of expositions which will be presented as a constant constituent of the Forum. Contact person: Alexandra Alexeenko, Companies Group Dialogue, e-mail:

Success of the Flower-beds on the garbage project<br> Margarita Ostashevskaya started the ecological project Flower-beds on the garbage in June 2000 that participated in the TACIS programme Eco-effectiveness in 2002-2003. In this project she expressed the idea of creating a social garden attracting a wide number of people to the ecological proplems of the big cities and forming ecological model for the other areas and cities. In 2004 she won the competition City in Your Hands carried out by newspaper Metro and the City of St. Petersburg. (See also Northwest Russia: Facts and Events, Issue 16, week 37 and Issue 23, week 51).

In 2008 the project took the first place in national tour of the international enviromental Women of the Earth Award holded by Yves Roche’s foundation under the aegis of the Institut de France. The achievement letter and prize were handed out to the Margarita as well as possibility to participate in the worlwide award in Paris. The main achievement of the the project for the present day is cooperation with a municipality and attracting attention of the neighbors and students to ecoligical problems, for instance like with a project Wild flora of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, carried out by local school.

Source: Margarita Ostashevskaya, e-mail:,

X International Summer Dance Festival OPEN LOOK 2008

From 30 June to 6 July the annual Summer Dance Festival OPEN LOOK will take the place on the several stages of St. Petersburg. It will gather Russian dancers, choreographers, students for a series of intensive master classes held by well known dance masters from Denmark, Norway, the USA and present an exquisite concert program. The main aim of the festival is to share the best of Western culture with Russian public and dance society, to provide atmosphere and space for international artistic collaboration, exchange of knowledge and experience, creative work, and education.

The festival is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev, one of the greatest dancers of the XX century. By this dedication Vadim Kasparov, Director of the festival and participant of Nordpraktik – New Manages for Russia programme, with his colleagues try to follow the same path and realize through contemporary dance the system of values and philosophical view on place of each in the modern world.

Contact person: Vadim Kasparov, Director of the OPEN LOOK festival, e-mail:

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